Rhein Extra reveals a new visual identity

The Iconic Estate, member of the Alexandrion Group, the largest producer and distributor of spirits and wines in Romania, has unveiled the new visual identity of Rhein Extra sparkling wine, during an elegant event, organized at the Elisabeta Palace, in the presence of Her Majesty Margareta the Custodian of the Crown and His Royal Highness Prince Radu. The evening of Elisabeta Palace dedicated to Romanian values was, at the same time, an opportunity to honour the values, culture, tradition and history of the Romanian people and celebrate 101 years since the sparkling wine Rhein, produced at the Rhein & CIE Azuga 1892 Cellars was official supplier of the Royal House of Romania for the first time.

The new visual identity of Rhein Extra sparkling wine, created in Paris by a famous designer, reflects the adjustment to the current market context and a more clear positioning within the premium drinks portfolio of Alexandrion Group. The design recreates the « art nouveau » style which is particular to the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, a period known as « Belle Epoque ». The Rhein Extra logo, which includes the royal symbols, the delicate lily garlands in pastel colours and golden accents present on the label, shape a refined and updated image, perfectly harmonized with the story of the brand, as well as with the freshness, fine perlage and the discrete floral hints of this sparkling wine. To provide the consumers with the opportunity to connect with the brand easier and fully enjoy the wines from the Rhein Extra range, their history and the history of Rhein & CIE Azuga 1892 Cellars is exhibited on the label.

«As supplier of the Royal House, I am honoured to be here in the presence of Her Majesty Margareta the Custodian of the Crown and His Royal Highness Prince Radu, to support once again the values of Romania and the tradition. Today we celebrate a new stage in the collaboration between the Royal House of Romania and Alexandrion Group. From the coronation of King Ferdinand I and Queen Mary, in Alba-Iulia, in 1922, Rhein Extra sparkling wine has been present in all the major events that the Royal House of Romania has celebrated and is, maybe, the only sparkling wine in the world, produced without interruption since 1892. It is extraordinary that after so many years, Rhein sparkling wine is appreciated more and more, every year, despite the fact that the recipe has never changed. What we have changed, in time, is the design, the “clothes” of the product, to adapt to the market requirements. And today we present you here, in premiere in Romania and at global level, Rhein sparkling wine in “new clothes”, said Mr. Nawaf Salameh, The President and Founder of Alexandrion Group and of The Alexandrion Foundation.

The theme of the Elisabeta Palace evening illustrates the support of the Romanian values and traditions, provided, over the time, by both the Royal House of Romania and the Alexandrion Group, through the Alexandrion Foundation.

“The Royal House of Romania has always supported the Romanians that we are proud of. It has acknowledged their value, has promoted them and has helped them to further evolve. This is also the mission of the Alexandrion Foundation. Through the Constantin Brâncoveanu Galas, Matei Brâncoveanu Galas and The Alexandrion Trophies we honour and thank to the people who build a better Romania, a country to which the Romanians that live abroad can return and the young generations can have a better future,” added Nawaf Salameh.