Rhein & Cie Azuga 1892 Cellar

Rhein & CIE Azuga Cellars have been established in 1892 by Wilhelm Rhein, who, upon the request of King Carol I, contributed to the development of the area. With a history closely linked to the history of the Royal House of Romania, Rhein Cellars is the oldest establishment where sparkling wine has been produced without interruption, through the traditional method.

The History of Sparkling wine in Romania

The first Romanian sparkling wine was produced in Iasi, in 1841, by professor Ion Ionescu de la Brad, who had studied in France. Romania thus became historically the fourth country in the world to produce sparkling wines, after France (1544), Ukraine (1799), and Germany (1826). 

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For those who appreciate good taste and want to live an unforgettable experience, a visit to Rhein & CIE Azuga Cellars is the right choice.  


Alexandrion group celebrated the 130-year anniversary of the Rhein & CIE Azuga 1892 cellars.