The history of sparkling wine in Romania

The first Romanian sparkling wine was produced in Iasi, in 1841, by professor Ion Ionescu de la Brad, who had studied in France. Romania thus became historically the fourth country in the world to produce sparkling wines, after France (1544), Ukraine (1799), and Germany (1826). Many sparkling wine producing enterprises have since been set up throughout Romania counting Timisoara (1862), Cluj (1870), Azuga (1880), Braila (1884), Bucharest (1913), Murfatlar - Basarabi (1913), Focsani (1926), Cetatea de Balta (1958)Alba Iulia (1959), Panciu (1968), Simleul Silvaniei (1971), Apoldu de Sus (1973), Bucium (1974), and others.

First Exports

They are evidence enough of Romania’s capacity and will to produce sparkling wines. The first sparkling wine export dates from 1924 and went to Britain, Tom Stevenson’s birthplace. Since then, Romanian sparkling wines have always been present on the world’s wine market and won no few medals and prizes. The information provided shows that Romania not only has a long tradition, but is still an active producer on the world’s market for sparkling wines.